Addressing the Need for Foster Care in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Children’s Care Group

Following the onset of the crisis in Ukraine and due to the significant care issues affecting children impacted by the conflict and displacement, the Global Collaborative Platform supported by the Better Care Network established a temporary global inter-agency group focused on children’s care in the context of the Ukraine crisis – the Ukraine Children’s Care group. The group is convened by members of the Global Collaborative Platform with the purpose of facilitating practical coordination and collaboration amongst development and humanitarian care actors supporting or operating in Ukraine and the regional response in terms of guidance, tools and joint advocacy as needed. 

Under the auspices of the Ukraine Children’s Care Group, one of two learning events were held in July and September 2022. This event, "Addressing the need for foster care in the context of the Ukraine crisis", was held on September 7th in collaboration with HDPI. It focused on better understanding the foster care systems and services in Ukraine and neighbouring countries hosting Ukrainian refugee children, specifically Poland, Romania, and Moldova.


English Recording
Ukrainian Recording
Current Situation for Children in Foster Care in Ukraine: Challenges, Gaps and Solutions (Partnership for Every Child, Ukraine)
Situation of Ukrainian Refugee Children in Need of Foster Care: Overview of the Key Challenges, Gaps and Ways Forward in Poland (Polish Foster Care Coalition)
Care of Refugee Children from Ukraine - Situation in Moldova (Partnerships for Every Child, Moldova)
Foster Care in Romania and the Ukraine Crisis (Hope and Homes for Children)