Addressing the Situation of Children with Disabilities in Residential Care as Part of the Ukraine Response

Better Care Network, Disability Rights International (DRI)

On 7 July 2022, the Better Care Network (BCN) and Disability Rights International (DRI) organised an event with disability and child protection actors focused on the situation of children with disabilities in residential care in Ukraine (including those children who have been returned to families or evacuated from facilities since 24 February 2022). The impetus for the event came about as a result of multiple discussions with actors involved in the response who highlighted the need to identify concrete programmatic recommendations to address the current gaps, needs and challenges, the interventions and services that are required, and how actors can work together to better respond to them. It was with the aim of identifying concrete programmatic recommendations that shaped the purpose of the event.

The event was focused on practitioners, technical experts, and policymakers, and aimed to hear from care, protection, and disability actors working in Ukraine and to explore with them how to best direct the support and funding required to address the significant challenges faced by children with disabilities in residential care.


English Recording
Ukrainian Recording