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Alvi Md Ishmam, Md Raihan Mia, Sharmin Akhter Purabi, Rayhan Rashed, Sriram Chellappan, A.B.M Alim Al Islam,

In this study conducted over a couple of years, the authors design and develop a digital hub deployed to serve children living on the streets in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

World Vision,

This report reviews the government of Bangladesh’s progress to create the minimum conditions in law and policy needed to end violence against children.

M Mofizul Islam, Md Nuruzzaman Khan and Md Nazrul Islam Mondal - Public Health Nutrition,

This study investigated the impact of parental migration on nutritional disorders of left-behind children (LBC) in Bangladesh.

Family for Every Child,

Family for Every Child is looking for an experienced researcher to produce a report on the context for children in Bangladesh, including recommendations for strong CSOs working on care for children.

Naila Z. Khan, Asma Begum Shilpi, Razia Sultana, Shaoli Sarker, Sultana Razia, Bipasha Roy, Abu Arif, Misbah Uddin Ahmed, Subas Chandra Saha, Helen McConachie - Child: care, health and development,

This study examined the levels of child neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) and mental health problems among displaced Rohingya populations into Bangladesh.

Reshma Parvin Nuri, Heather Michelle Aldersey, Setareh Ghahari - Child: care, health and development,

In this study, the authors explored the needs of families of children with cerebral palsy in Bangladesh. Such understanding is important as it will help to improve services for children with disabilities and their families.

Charles Nelson - Biological Psychiatry,

This talk, given by Dr Charles Nelson, focuses on two strands of work that reflect very different types of adversity: (1) the effects of early, profound psychosocial deprivation (including a review of the most recent findings from the Bucharest Early Intervention Project, a randomized controlled trial of foster care as an intervention for early institutionalization in Romania) and (2) the effects of growing up in a low resource urban center where children are exposed to a large number of both biological (e.g., malnutrition) and psychosocial (maltreatment) stressors (including a review of recent findings from a large study taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh).

M.D. Hasan Reza, Julia R. Henly - Children and Youth Services Review,

This study asked three primary questions: 1) What is the nature of crisis children encounter on the street? 2) What are the ranges of informal caregiving practices? 3) What social network characteristics facilitate or complicate caregiving?

Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision International,

This report presents the results of a consultation - organised by Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision International - which surveyed children in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh from refugee communities (who identify themselves as Rohingya) and children from host communities. 

UNICEF, UN High Commissioner for Refugees,

The main objective of this Joint Rapid Education and Child Protection Need Assessment (JRNA) was to identify education and child protection needs, priorities and capacities of Rohingya boys and girls in the camps, settlements and host community in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh to inform and provide the evidence-base for the 2018 Joint Response Plan (JRP).