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The ISPCAN 2020 Congress will be held in Adelaide, Australia from 15-18 November 2020.

Foreign Correspondent - ABC,

This episode of Foreign Correspondent from ABC News in Australia exposes the "ugly truth" that donations and volunteer efforts of Westerners, including Australians, often drive an exploitative orphanage industry in developing countries (in this case, Nepal).

Sally Sara - Foreign Correspondent, ABC News,

This article accompanies an episode of Foreign Correspondent from ABC News Australia entitled 'Paper Orphans.' It tells the story of Devi, a 10-year-old girl in Nepal "forced to pose as an orphan" who is being reunited with her family.

Stephanie Richards - In Daily,

"The [South Australian] Department for Child Protection will spend millions shifting a program that provides support for kinship carers to the private sector, as part of a State Government push to better connect Aboriginal children in care with their culture," says this article from In Daily.

Rhys Price-Robertson, Deborah Kirkwood, Adam Dean, Teresa Hall, Nicole Paterson and Karen Broadley - Child Family Community Australia | information exchange,

This practice paper focuses on improving cross-sectoral relationships between child protection and child and family welfare practitioners, who are often required to work together to keep children and families safe.

Kristin R. Laurens, Fahkrul Islam, Maina Kariuki, Felicity Harris, Marilyn Chilvers, Merran Butler, Jill Schofield, Claire Essery, Sally A. Brinkman, Vaughan J. Carr, Melissa J.Green - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The purpose of this study was to examine associations between child protection involvement and 3rd- and 5th-grade reading and numeracy attainment, while controlling multiple other adversities.

Brendan Wilson & Lisa M Barnett - Children and Youth Services Review,

This review identifies if physical activity interventions are effective for children in out of home care, and if so which type of activity and for what health outcomes.

ReThink Orphanages Australia and the ACFID Child Rights Community of Practice,

This briefing note was developed by ReThink Orphanages Australia and the ACFID Child Rights Community of Practice to assist entities in Australia and abroad who have orphanages in their supply chains and/or operations to understand the implications of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act 2018. 

Susan Baidawi & Rosemary Sheehan - Australian Institute of Criminology,

This paper from the Australian Institute of Criminology presents selected findings of a detailed case file audit of 300 crossover children (children from child protection backgrounds in the youth justice system) appearing before the Children’s Court of Victoria, Australia in 2016–17.

Jessica Cocks - Children Australia,

Drawing on the findings of a Churchill Fellowship study tour, this article discusses the need to expand understanding of family engagement and, in particular, to implement Family Inclusive practice in Australian child welfare, both to increase reunification and to improve outcomes for children who do not return home.