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Jacynta Krakouer,

This article highlights the continuity of overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and systemic racism, in the Australian child protection and out-of-home care systems over time.

Jacinta Walsh, Lena Turnbull, Phillip Mendes, Rachel Standfield,

This resource is aimed at supporting front-line practitioners in Australia to have a working knowledge of the historical and contemporary context of social welfare policies and their impact on First Nations families and to use this knowledge as a starting point to build an awareness of how individual and systemic practices impact First Nations young people and families.

Nilan Yu, Marina Morgenshtern, Jeanette Schmid,

This article offers a cross-national comparison of social work in two countries, Australia and Canada, about the care of Indigenous children within the context of colonization and the evolving profession.

Kenny Kor, Jodie Park, Belinda Fabrianesi,

Drawing on the findings of a qualitative study undertaken in the state of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, this article applies the concept of ambiguous loss to outline the ways in which Out of Home Care practitioners can more adequately respond to children's experience of grief and loss.

Mia Gowan, Nicole Peel, Emma Elcombe, Stacy Blythe,

This study contributes to emerging research on the self-care practices of foster carers in Australia and worldwide.

Philip Mendes, Eswen Chaffey,

This article presents a scoping review of research studies completed on the mental health care needs and outcomes of care leavers in Australia from 2015 to 2021.

Terri Libesman, Paul Gray, Eloise Chandler, Linda Briskman, Aminath Didi, Scott Avery,

This research sought to improve understanding of the experiences of parents with disability of Australian child protection systems, paying particular attention to the experiences of First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse parents with disability.

World Vision,

This Anti-Child Marriage Guide produced by World Vision aims to empower and educate users as how to best navigate regulatory hurdles that may arise when assisting children affected by child marriage. This fourth legal guide addresses frequently asked questions relating to protecting victims of child marriage in Australia, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

World Vision,

This Child Trafficking Legal Guide produced by Baker McKenzie, World Vision, State Street and 3M aims to empower and educate users on how to best navigate regulatory hurdles that may arise when assisting children affected by human trafficking.

Benjamin Harrap, Alison Gibberd, Melissa O'Donnell, Koen Simons, Jocelyn Jones, Fernando Lima, Daniel McAullay, Kathleen Falster, Emily Banks, Sandra Eades,

The authors of this study aimed to provide more recent evidence on the population-level cumulative incidence of contacts for Aboriginal children with child protective services in Western Australia.