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Yannick Balk, Georg Frerks, Beatrice de Graaf,

This article investigates the phenomenon and practice of intercountry adoption in the Netherlands from a historical perspective by using applied history methods.

Anton van Wijk, Marjan Olfers, Iris Vloemans,

This report comprises of research into cases of historical sexual abuse that took place in the SOS Children’s Village in Suriname. This research covers roughly the period from the early seventies to 2006. The research took place partly in the Netherlands and partly in Suriname.


This report highlights the recommendations and priorities that EU decision-makers and national governments can do to support the most vulnerable children and prevent widening inequalities. 

Laura M. Schwab-Reese, Karen Albright, Richard D. Krugman ,

The purpose of this analysis was to compare perspectives of frontline workers, administrators, and experts in child abuse and neglect in a system with mandatory reporting (Colorado, United States) and one without mandatory reporting (The Netherlands).

Annemiek Vial, Claudia van der Put, Geert Jan J. M. Stams, Marc Dinkgreve, Mark Assink - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The aim of this article is to examine (1) the predictive validity of a risk assessment instrument that has been widely implemented in the Netherlands, and to examine (2) whether the actuarial risk estimation could be improved and simplified to widen the instrument’s applicability to different organizations serving different populations.

BBC News,

According to this article from BBC News, "The Netherlands is suspending all adoptions from abroad with immediate effect, after an official inquiry found many abuses."

Committee on the Investigation of Intercountry Adoption, Government of the Netherlands,

This report presents the results of an independent investigation into abuses in intercountry adoption in the Netherlands during the period 1967-1998, and the role of the Dutch government in this regard.

Cristina Colonnesi, Carolien Konijn, Leoniek Kroneman, Ramón J. L. Lindauer & Geert Jan J. M. Stams - Current Psychology,

The authors of this study examined caregivers’ mind-mindedness (their ability to adequately interpret their foster child’s internal mental states and behavior) in out-of-home care in the Netherlands, and the association among caregivers’ mind-mindedness (and its positive, neutral, and negative valence), recognition of the child’s trauma symptoms, and behavior problems.

Mi-lan J. Woudstra, Rosanneke A. G. Emmen, Lenneke R. A. Alink, Lamei Wang, Marjolein C. E. Branger, Judi Mesman - Child Abuse & Neglect,

The authors of this study examined attitudes about child maltreatment in China and the Netherlands.

Laura Navne and Marie Jakobsen - Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies ,

This study investigates the extent and causes of child abandonment and various practices and services in relation to prevention of child abandonment in Denmark and other high-income countries.