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  • Job no: 566777
  • Contract type: Consultant
  • Duty Station: Beijing
  • Level: Consultancy
  • Location: China
  • Categories: Child Protection
Lizhang Dong, Yanan Peng, Ran Zhang, Kang Ju, Juzhe Xi,

This study investigates the impact of various sources of social support on the mental health of unaccompanied children under residential education in China. Unaccompanied children refer to those whose parents are still alive but unable to raise them due to various reasons.

Sam Judah - BBC,

China is pressuring Uyghurs living abroad to spy on human rights campaigners by threatening families back home, researchers say. Refugees and activists tell the BBC intimidating tactics are tearing communities apart.

Yuanyuan Chen, Wei Fu,

This paper investigates the effects of a migration control policy in mega cities after 2014 in China on parent–child separation.

Indian Journal of Law and Legal Research,

This paper assesses the legal regime governing inter-country adoption under the Ethiopian family laws by making a brief comparative study with correspondent provisions of the Chinese family law.

World Vision,

This Anti-Child Marriage Guide produced by World Vision aims to empower and educate users as how to best navigate regulatory hurdles that may arise when assisting children affected by child marriage. This fourth legal guide addresses frequently asked questions relating to protecting victims of child marriage in Australia, Mainland China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Fangsong Liu,Na Wang, Harold Chui, Xinhong Wang, Na Chen,

This paper explores the strengths and weaknesses of orphaned children in orphanages in China under the guidance of enrichment theory, and then develops individualized social work service programs to help them acquire more knowledge and provide developmental services by building a trusting partnership with orphaned children and adolescents, guiding them to raise their awareness of self-change, providing supplementary learning education, and helping them to develop their potential and develop their abilities.

Li Huang, Sizhe Zhang, Biyu Bian, Mi Zhou, Zinan Bi ,

The aim of the study is to investigate the interactive influence of depression on left-behind and non-left-behind children in China from the perspective of peer effects. The roles of teachers, parents, and friends are also explored.

Endale Tadesse, Sabika Khalid, Cai Lianyu, Chunhai Gao,

This study sought to explore the psychological well-being, academic adjustment, and quality of parental attachment of LBC during COVID-19 in rural China based on Left-Behind Children’s (LBC) word of mouth.

Lili Wei, Ying Yang, Jing Zhang, Lijuan Si,

With the rapid economic development in China, large numbers of migrants are moving to metropolitan areas in search of better jobs. They are faced with the dilemma of whether to leave their children behind in the countryside due to various socioeconomic factors. The aim of the study was to analyze the impact of different migration arrangements on child welfare.