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NBC Meet the Press,

More than 400 children have been killed in the civil war in Sudan. UNICEF Spokesperson Joe English discusses the ongoing violence in the country and the need for a peaceful solution.

BBC News,

Twenty years on from Darfur’s genocide, it’s that same region that is seeing the most casualties today in Sudan’s latest conflict.

Transform Alliance Africa (TAA),

The Transform Africa Alliance, with representation from Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Madagascar and Mozambique, calls upon the Sudanese Government, humanitarian actors and the international community to work together to map out the whereabouts and needs of all children living in institutions across Sudan and provide them with vital humanitarian assistance.

Sara Monetta - BBC News,

Nearly 300 orphans caught in the crossfire in Sudan's capital have been rescued in a daring and dangerous evacuation by humanitarian workers.

UN Child Rights Committee,

The UN Child Rights Committee (CRC) today issued its findings on Germany, Kuwait, North Macedonia, the Philippines, South Sudan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Viet Nam after reviewing the eight States parties during its latest session.

Ana Luisa Brown - Prensa Latina,

A new United Nations report on Sudan released today in this capital warns about the situation of insecurity for children in armed conflicts in the country.

Roselinde K. Janowski, Inge Wessels, Samuel Bojo, Felix Monday, Kaitlyn Maloney, Victoria Achut, Daniel Oliver, Jamie M. Lachman, Lucie Cluver, Catherine L. Ward - Research on Social Work Practice,

This study investigated process and outcomes of the Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) for Young Children and for Adolescents programs implemented as part of routine service delivery in postconflict settings.

Clifford O. Odimegwu - Family Demography and Post-2015 Development Agenda in Africa,

This paper examines all policy and laws related to families in the South, West, East and Central regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

Adrian D. van Breda & John Pinkerton - Emerging Adulthood,

The special issue of Emerging Adulthood titled “Care-Leaving in Africa” is the first collection of essays on care-leaving by African scholars. This article, coauthored by scholars from North and South, argues in favor of North–South dialogue but highlights several challenges inherent in this, including the indigenizing and thus marginalizing of African experience and scholarship and divergent constructions of key social concepts.

War Child,

This report by War Child aims to bring global attention to the challenges related to the reintegration of children associated with armed forces and groups, and promote better policy, practice and funding in the future.