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Imelu G. Mordeno, I Marie Joy S. Gallemit, Sittie Shayuri B. Lantud, Brian J. Hall - The Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

The present study examined the association between family resources and mental health as mediated by personal psychological resources (PPRs) for left‐behind children (LBC).

Dennis Vicencio Blanco & Rogelio Alicor Panao - Child & Youth Services ,

Using synthesis and an integrative approach, the article analyzes laws, policies, and institutions that protect the rights and promote the welfare of orphaned children in the Philippines.

The Prevention Collaborative,

This webinar includes presentations from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Philippines, sharing experiences designing, managing and evaluating parenting interventions to reduce violence against children and adolescents by parents and caregivers.

Cebu Daily News,

The Senate of the Philippines has approved a measure that would simplify the adoption process in the country, according to this article from Cebu Daily News. 

Rosel San Pascual - Communicating for Social Change,

In this chapter of Communicating for Social Change, the author presents an analysis of the micro- and macro-level challenges of transnational separation of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)-parents and their left-behind children, which consequently beget psychosocial distresses among transnational family members.

John Mark Vergara, Ladee Abigail Angeles, Ashley Angel Pagkalinawan, Maurice Villafranca - JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research,

This phenomenological study focused on the experiences, aspirations, and fears of orphaned children living in and outside the orphanage in the Philippines.

Better Care Network ,

This country care review includes the care related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Steven Roche - Children & Society,

This article investigates policy in the Philippines relating to the protection of children, which, despite policy efforts in this space, and growing evidence of child maltreatment and its impact, remains unexamined by the literature.

Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot - Childhood and Parenting in Transnational Settings,

This article examines the case of three groups of young people in Filipino transnational families: stay-behind children of migrant parents, migrant children reunited with their parents in their receiving country, and children of ‘mixed’ couples.

Peejay D. Bengwasan - Child Abuse & Neglect,

This study explores the prediction that child abuse and neglect has an impact on Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales 5th Edition (SB5) IQ scores, in relation to gender, age and type of abuse experienced.