Separated Childhoods Webinar #1: Responding to Varied Experiences of Childhood Separation

Global Childhood Studies Journal

This is a recording of the first session in a webinar series celebrating the launch of of a themed issue of Global Childhood Studies journal (Volume.2; Issue.1).

This first webinar focuses on Responding to varied experiences of childhood separation.

The presenters were given the following prompt to respond to in relation to their papers:

Many of the papers have highlighted that the reason children become separated and their experiences of separation requires policy and practice to create room for responses tailored to individual situations. What do you consider to be critical to providing support that meets the varied and complex needs of separated children and their families?

Before the floor was opened to include all participants in the discussion. The panel included:
Ruth Edmonds, Alfred Ochaya and Nicola Sansom  - who explore research findings from S.A.L.V.E. International's involvement in the Building with Bamboo project. BwB focused on resilence-based approaches to work with street-connected children. The Role of Resilience Processes in Education and Well-Being Outcomes for Separated Children in Uganda: Exploring Street-Connected Children’s Pathways Through a Resilience-Based Programme and Beyond.

Kwabena Frimpong-Manso - who presents his research with  Pascal Agbadi and Antione Deliege on Factors associated with the family reintegration stability for children with a residential care experience in Ghana.

English Recording

Spanish Recording: