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Dr. Anis Ben Brik,

The COVID-19 Family Life Study is a research study that explores the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on family life across cultures. The Covid Family Study survey invites parents to share their experiences to help provide support in the future.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance,

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance is seeking a new Communications and Advocacy Manager.


To help feed into the discussions around the 2021 DGD on Children's Rights and Alternative Care, a public consultation has been launched, including a call for submissions of written/video content and a children and young people survey.

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child,

As part of a public consultation to help feed into and guide the discussions at the 2021 Day of General Discussion, all interested stakeholders, whether adults or children, are encouraged to send written submissions to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.


Le présent document fournit des orientations provisoires aux acteurs des secteurs de la protection de l’enfance et de la santé, dans le contexte des mesures de quarantaine et d’isolement, pour leur permettre d’atténuer les risques liés à la protection de l’enfance, de réduire au minimum la séparation des familles et de favoriser l’unité des familles et la cohésion sociale.

World Bank Group,

This fourth session of the World Bank Group's ECD webinar series will describe the Early Years Fellowship, a World Bank program to build the capacity within countries on ECD and to identify and support the next generation of leaders in early childhood.

Together to #ENDviolence global campaign,

This high-level conference will examine how prohibition of corporal punishment can be put into practice, with international examples of leadership and implementation.

International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD), DGD Child Advisory Team and Young People’s Advisory Team members, and DGD Civil Society Group,

The aim of this survey is to capture the views, experiences, and ideas of children and young people with experience of alternative care in order to help feed into and guide the discussions at the 2021 UNCRC Day of General Discussion focused on Child Rights and Alternative Care.

World Bank Group,

The third session of the World Bank Group's ECD webinar series will focus on the Scaling Up Measurement in Early Childhood Initiative at the World Bank, which works to support countries to measure early childhood outcomes and the quality of early learning environments together while promoting the generation of globally-comparable reliable data.

Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

In this webinar, the International Parent Advocacy Network will discuss the literature review 'International Review of Parent Advocacy in Child Welfare: Strengthening Children's Care and Protection Through Parent Participation.'