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Children's Living Arrangements

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Olga Ulybina - Global Social Policy,

This article describes a policy adoption case study about deinstitutionalization of childcare in Georgia since independence. It highlights the evolving and non-homogeneous nature of transnational agency in the area of childcare deinstitutionalization, and offers insights into the complex relationship between transnational agency and national policymaking.

United Nations in Georgia,

As part of the United Nations COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, $1 million USD has been allocated to Georgia to protect vulnerable groups, including children, from the shocks of the current pandemic, according to this media release.


UNICEF is seeking a Child Protection Specialist in Georgia.

Victor Cebotari, Melissa Siegel, Valentina Mazzucato - Comparative Migration Studies,

This study uses nationally representative data collected in 2011–2012 in Moldova (N = 1601) and Georgia (N = 1193) to investigate how children’s health associates with five transnational characteristics: migrant and return-migrant household types, parental migration and parental divorce, maternal and/or paternal migration and caregiver’s identity, the duration of migration, and remittances.

Nino Mindiashvili - European Scientific Journal,

This article aims to international adoption in Georgia. It is intended as a source of ideas for professionals or authority involved in adoption.

Franziska Gassmann, Melissa Siegel, Michaella Vanore, Jennifer Waidler - Child Indicators Research,

Using household survey data collected between September 2011 and December 2012 from Moldova and Georgia, this paper measures and compares the multidimensional well-being of children with and without parents abroad.

Better Care Network,

The Committee's recommendations on the issues relevant to children's care are highlighted, as well as other care-related concluding observations, ratification dates, and links to the Universal Periodic Review and Hague Intercountry Adoption Country Profile.

Ioana Calinescu, Petrut Calinescu - The Black Sea,

This article from The Black Sea covers the deinstitutionalization process of Georgia which began in 2009.

The Visionaries,

Visionaries, a documentary series on public television in the United States, aired two episodes featuring the work of Disability Rights International (DRI) in uncovering the egregious abuses suffered by children and adults with disabilities living in institutions around the world. 


The Georgian Coalition for Children and Youth Welfare presented the report ‘Georgia: The Child Protection Index: Measuring the Fulfillment of a Child’s Rights’ at a public event on June 5.