Webinar Recording: Constructing the foundations for legal identity in post conflict situations

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data & Center of Excellence for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

This is a video recording from the webinar: Constructing the foundations for legal identity in post conflict situations. How can legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks be restructured to be more inclusive and provide trusted and trustworthy identity credentials to everyone? In post-conflict settings, how can undocumented adults, marginalized populations and refugees be registered? This webinar shared findings from research that documents how Afghanistan, Georgia, Rwanda and South Africa have made registration of vital events more accessible by adjusting or removing legal and institutional obstacles in post-conflict settings. Implicitly these countries are attempting to provide all citizens, residents and refugees with a legal identity, but in practice some of them fall short. The study found that in each country studied civil registration and legal identity systems were recognized as part of the healing and reconciliation processes in their countries.