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The Associated Press,

TALLINN, Estonia — Belarus' authoritarian president on Thursday attended a government-organized meeting with children brought from Russia-controlled areas of Ukraine, openly defying an international outrage over his country's involvement in Moscow's deportation of Ukrainian children.

Carlotta Gall, Oleksandr Chubko, Cora Engelbrecht - New York Times,

Wounded in the eye from an explosion, Oleksandr Radchuk, an 11-year-old Ukrainian boy from the destroyed city of Mariupol, waited calmly in a tent while Russian soldiers interrogated his mother.

Ingrid Höjer, Inger Oterholm,

This article aims to build knowledge, from a life-course perspective, of foster carers’ views of the transition from care to adulthood for young people with mental health problems by interviewing carers from foster homes in Norway and Sweden.

Eirik Christopher Gundersen,

In this chapter in the book "Child Welfare and the Value of Family Privacy", the author discusses moderate alternatives to address problems of the family by enhancing the presence of state agencies in family life. The author asks if organising families as foster homes is less morally objectionable than raising children in families by examining the child welfare system in Norway.

Anna-Lena Almqvist, Kitty Lassinantti ,

The objective of this paper is to further the understanding of young people’s experiences of out-of-home care (OHC) in Sweden.

Mari Rysst,

This chapter in the book "Child Welfare and the Value of Family Privacy" addresses aims and challenges in the processes of including children and youth in foster families and suggests a solution inspired by anthropological literature. The author argues that the ‘best interests of the child’ are closely tied to staying in a stable foster home, which emerged in interviews with children in the Norwegian Child Welfare Services (CWS) and foster parents.

Sally Williams - The Guardian,

Anastasia was living in Zaporizhzhia and was pregnant with Dorothy and Charlie’s baby. Then Russia invaded and she knew she had to escape to save the child

Child Identity Protection,

Judge Raul Pangalangan International Criminal Court Judge (2015 – 2021)

Catholic Relief Services,

Daniela Mamaliga, Director of Partnerships for Every Child, presents the findings and conclusions of a comprehensive 2022 financial assessment conducted by CTWWC in six residential institutions. The financial assessments aimed to inform political decisions on the future of the six institutions, including their transformation/reorganization plans. Ms. Mamaliga highlights that though the average annual cost for caring for a child is increasing in all six institutions, even as number of children and staff is decreasing in some of them.

Catholic Relief Services,

“When we talk about equity and efficiency and what is right for children, when we provide services to families and children, we need to make sure that we are not just investing wisely, but that we are reaching