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International Organization for Migration (IOM),

This Toolkit builds on the outcomes of an international thematic workshop on addressing the needs of migrant children at borders, consolidated with IOM best practices and additional research inputs.

Micky Anderson, Joanna Soraghan, Adrian Bowman, Carol Ann Anderson, Emma Young, Alex McTier, Heather Ottaway - CELCIS,

Mapping integration and outcomes in Scotland: A statistical analysis investigated if the most recent major structural reform of health and social care services to take place in Scotland has had an impact on outcomes for children, young people and families.

European Disability Forum,

During April and May 2023, the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy joined forces with a broad range of civil society actors to facilitate five days of learning and intensive strategic planning on deinstitutionalization. This document presents the key findings and recommendations from those five days of exchange of ideas and strategic planning. It is hoped that these recommendations will inform the government’s strategic planning process, as well as providing insight for donors to inform their priorities.

Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC),

On 21-22 June 2023, the UK jointly with Ukraine will host the international Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2023) in London

Alexander McTier, Kate Mackinnon, Heather Ottaway - CELCIS,

Case studies of transformational reform programmes examined a range of approaches to the delivery of children’s services to better understand the evidence regarding systems-level integration between children’s social work/social care with health services and/or adult social care.

Robert Porter, Emma Young, Jane Scott, Leanne McIver, Kate Mackinnon, Nadine Fowler, Heather Ottaway - CELCIS,

Strand 1: Rapid Evidence Review reviewed existing published national and international research evidence focused on better understanding the evidence associated with different models of integration of children’s services with health and/or adult social care services in high income countries, as defined by the World Bank.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,

This Procedure determines the mechanism of safety of the children and persons living or enlisted on the round-the-clock stay in organizations of different types, patterns of ownership and subordination (further - children and persons), during warlike situation by acceptance in case of need died to their temporary movement (evacuation), ensuring placement, proper leaving, education, and also return in the place of their permanent residence (stay), and in case of departure out of limits of Ukraine - to Ukraine.

Charles Oberg, Hayley Sharma,

The objective of this global study was to review the current literature regarding PTSD in unaccompanied refugee minors (URM). The authors concluded that the high levels of mental health problems experienced in URM are due to exposure to traumatic experiences, separation from parents, and lack of social support.

Save the Children International,

This study aims to address a gap in migration research, by developing a holistic and gender-specific understanding of the migratory patterns and experiences of girls in, through, and to North Africa. To do so, the research team employed a qualitative research approach, informed by child- and gender-sensitive practices, to collect data from girls and boys in Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Laura Gozzi - BBC News,

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said there was evidence of the illegal transfer of hundreds of Ukrainian children to Russia. The Commission's report is categorical that Russia also committed other war crimes in Ukraine.