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Michael Hoffmeister,

This analysis considers foster care regulations in three jurisdictions in Finland, New Zealand, and Wisconsin, USA, and the effects of policy decisions on eligibility for relative caregivers and placement options for children in out-of-home care.

Zoë Kessler, Susan Levy, Mark Smith,

This article uses life history research to reveal a new understanding of institutional care. The study draws on interviews with care leavers from a Latvian orphanage who narrate life histories and identify critical life events and moments of resistance to times of adversity.

CASCADE Cardiff,

Dr Rhiannon Evans, Reader in DECIPHer, discusses a systematic review taken of international evidence to understand what programmes work for improving the mental health of care-experienced children & young people, how they work, and what might

Aimee Cummings, Katherine Shelton,

This study reviewed the prevalence of mental health disorders among Looked After Children in the UK.

Adoption UK, Coram Voice ,

Bethan Carter, a research associate at Cardiff University, discusses the ReThink Project; a project run in collaboration with Adoption UK and Coram Voice to investigate what processes are linked to mental health and wellbeing of care-experienced young people and how they manage at two key transitions in life.

Sarah MacDonald, Rob Trubey, Jane Noyes, Soo Vinnicombe, Helen E. Morgan, Simone Willis, Maria Boffey, G.J. Melendez-Torres, Michael Robling, Charlotte Wooder, Rhiannon Evans,

This global systematic review incorporated a comprehensive search of available literature from 1990 and captures the extant literature relating to process evaluations for interventions which address care-experienced children and young people’s mental health and well-being, and is one of the first syntheses of process evaluations in social care.

Alex McTier, Mihaela Manole, Jane Scott, Emma Young, Nadine Fowler, Leanne McIver, Carol Ann Anderson, Robert Porter, Heather Ottaway - CELCIS,

This report explores, through responses to an online survey, interviews and focus groups, the opportunities, challenges, barriers and facilitators that members of the workforce identify as factors which bring about high quality experiences and outcomes for children, young people and families using services; close multi-agency working between practitioners across different services; continuity of support when young people transition to adult services; high quality support for the workforce and transformational change in services.

Scottish Government,

Young people transitioning from the care system into adulthood are to receive a one-off Care Leaver Payment of £2,000 to support them to move into more independent living under proposals being considered.


Advancements in Child Protection Administrative Data and Solutions for Tackling Child Exploitation and Abuse

International Organization for Migration (IOM),

This Toolkit builds on the outcomes of an international thematic workshop on addressing the needs of migrant children at borders, consolidated with IOM best practices and additional research inputs.