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Esben S. B. Olesen, Lea Louise Videt ,

This article explores how the monitoring of foster homes in Norway is experienced by children and youths who have been exposed to what they consider abusive behaviour by foster parents. Using a thematic narrative theoretical framework, the article shows that a common narrative in the youths’ accounts is a story of mistrust towards social workers and monitoring officers, which relates to a general mistrust towards the child welfare service.

Joshua McGrane, Julie Selwyn, Claire Baker ,

Young people who age out of state care are at risk of a range of negative outcomes. In England, national data provides only five indicators of care leavers’ lives and there are no measures of how young people themselves feel about their transition to adulthood. To fill this gap a new survey to measure subjective wellbeing was coproduced with 31 care leavers. The survey was then distributed by 21 local authorities and completed by 1804 care leavers.

NSPCC, Action for Children,

Understanding reunification practice in the children’s social care system in England

Holly Bancroft - The Independent,

One council worker said they had to ‘beg, borrow and steal’ to get the right support

Kate O’Brien, Hannah King,

This is a report about the Parental Rights in Prison Project (PRiP) based in Wales and England aimed at supporting incarcerated parents who wished to sustain their relationship with their children who are in the care of the local authority, care of family and significant others or adopted and to provide them with legal advice and support around their rights as parents. 

John Ferguson - The Daily Record,

The former Scottish prime minister has said poverty rather than alcoholism, drug addiction or abuse is resulting in children being handed over to social services.

Heather Ottaway, Alex McTier, Mihaela Manole, Micky Anderson, Robert Porter, Jane Scott, Emma Young, Nadine Fowler, Joanna Soraghan, Leanne McIver, Carol Ann Anderson, Kate MacKinnon - CELCIS,

The goal of this study was to improve the understanding of current children’s services structures and delivery models in Scotland and how services can best support the needs of children, young people and their families. The research looked at how services are provided and configured in Scotland and drew on a range of international evidence too.

European Commission,

This document presents an overview of the first version of the EU monitoring framework for the European Child Guarantee (ECG). It was developed by the Indicators’ Sub-Group (ISG) of the Social Protection Committee (SPC) and the European Commission, and endorsed by the SPC in November 2023.

Child Rights International Network (CRIN),

The Child Rights International Network seeks a new Communications Manager to lead on planning and implementing their communications work.

Julie Feather, Dan Allen, Rhian Crompton, Zoey Jones, Angela Christiansen, Gavin Butler,

The purpose of this scoping review was to identify and map knowledge on different types of transitional support interventions currently available to support transition to independent living for care leavers.