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Allan Preston - Irish News,

One year after the publication of a major report into children’s social care services in Northern Ireland, its author has warned more children will end up in care without action. Professor Ray Jones spent 18 months on the review which involved speaking to children in care, social workers and many more to understand the situation in Northern Ireland. He found that a record high of more than 4,000 children were on waiting lists for social care, with many waiting over a year.

The Times,

A nun and care worker who abused vulnerable children at a Scottish orphanage have had their three-year prison sentences quashed.

Camille Corcoran, Rajeev Syal,

Charities say FoI disclosure that 369 such children were held over 21-month period is ‘hugely concerning’.

Ruby Valerie Whitelaw,

Research highlights that residential care experienced children and young people in Scotland have poorer educational outcomes than their peers within the wider population. Despite experiencing adversity, attachment, separation and loss, school attainment data on leaving care only reflects part of the educational journey. This paper aims to address a gap in contemporary literature that is of benefit to practitioners, academics and policymakers.

Donna O'Leary, Alistair Christie, Ivan Perry, Ali Khashan,

This study examines the factors which drive the decision to provide child protection and welfare services in Ireland using social work case files and multivariable analysis.

Proscovia Svard, Sheila Zimic ,

This study demonstrates the need for participatory recordkeeping to promote the right of children and young people placed in Swedish residential care homes to record-making, to facilitate access to a complete record of their placements. It is further through record-making that the experiences of the placed individuals can be used to inform practice and policymaking.

Mark Smith - Division of Education and Society, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, The University of Dundee,

In this article, the author adopts a broadly autoethnographic approach to reflect on how boys (now men in their late 40s and early 50s) brought up in the 1980s in a Scottish residential school recall being cared for.

CoramBAAF, Adoption England,

This Literature Review was commissioned by Adoption England’s Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) Leaders’ Group to support practitioners in care planning for children. This summary document is for use by those directly involved in care planning, and also aims to potentially provide some support for those writing care plans and court reports for children needing permanency away from their family.

Zoë Kessler, Ilze Trapenciere,

This study investigated social orphans through narratives of young people with experiences of growing up in institutional care in Latvia. The study uses the life histories of participants to explore the phenomenon of social orphans.

Y.G. Riemersma, A.E. Zijlstra, M.E. Kalverboer, W.J. Post, A.T. Harder,

The authors of this study aimed to gain insight into the perceived living environment in different residential youth care settings from the perspectives of 26 youth, 14 parents, and 35 professionals in the Netherlands.