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Kelly Milner,

Not About Me is a feature documentary about good intentions and unintended consequences. When Morgan Wienberg, a well-meaning Canadian teenager, volunteers at a Haitian orphanage in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, her plans take a turn. She is part of an army of NGOs and volunteers with billions in promised aid, all rushing to respond to the disaster. But once on the ground, she begins to see their earnest actions have their own devastating impacts.

Changing the Way We Care,

El estudio llevó a cabo un ejercicio de recopilar prácticas prometedoras de reforma de cuidado infantil por parte de diversos actores clave en la región de América Latina y el Caribe. 

Changing The Way We Care,

This study presents a detailed overview of promising practices in child care reform by different implementers and stakeholders in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Petra Roberts,

Transitioning into adulthood can be difficult for many young people but transitioning from residential care comes with challenges to those who have grown up away from parents and family. This paper presents the voices of young women in Trinidad and Tobago and the challenges they faced transitioning from residential care. Their voices highlight the need to think in more gendered terms when contemplating effective strategies for facilitating transitions from out of home care.

M. Caridad Araujo, Marta Rubio-Codina, Norbert Schady - Inter-American Development Bank, Social Protection and Health Division ,

This document compares three versions of the same home visiting model, aimed at improving parent-child interactions and child development: the well-known Jamaica model, which was gradually scaled up from an efficacy trial (‘proof of concept’) in Jamaica, to a pilot in Colombia, to an at-scale program in Peru.

Diane M. Hoffman - Children & Society,

This article offers a critical cultural reading of narratives on family reunification in Haiti in social media and advocacy discourse, revealing how this approach privileges Northern assumptions about proper parenting and family life.

Family for Every Child,

Family for Every Child is currently recruiting a Co-Moderator to assist the lead moderator with generating, adapting and populating multilingual content for a new on-line Community of Practice.

Tara M. Collins, Irene Rizzini, Amanda Mayhew - Children & Society,

Informed by systematic reviews of the English‐ and Latin American academic literature in Spanish and Portuguese and key informant interviews with international stakeholders, this paper fosters global dialogue with some Global South and Global North perspectives about the interconnections of children's rights.

UN Women, ECLAC,

This document serves as a guiding framework for those involved in the development of comprehensive national Care Systems as a pillar of social protection in Latin American and the Caribbean. The authors believe that these systems should be designed from a human rights perspective, with particular emphasis on mainstreaming the gender perspective to achieve care models co-responsible between the State, the market, the community, and families, and between men and women.


This report showcases the centrality and urgency of social protection for families with children and adolescents in the COVID-19 context.