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Transforming Children's Care Global Collaborative Platform,

This webinar co-hosted with the Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) initiative is an opportunity to lift up how the Catholic Church is advancing safe and nurturing family care for children around the world.

Haiti Family Care Network,

The Haiti Family Care Network will be providing opportunities for collaboration, advocacy, resource sharing and educational forums/training for organizations working with children, youth, families and communities in Haiti.

Nicole Narea -,

Record numbers of Haitians are seeking asylum in Mexico because they have no other option.

Hope and Homes for Children,

Au-delà des soins institutionnels fournit un cadre aux gouvernements pour développer leur propre feuille de route pour la réforme et la désinstitutionnalisation du système de protection et de garde des enfants. Nous espérons qu'il inspirera une conversation, guidera le dialogue interministériel et interprofessionnel, soutiendra les groupes multidisciplinaires à tous les niveaux pour encadrer leur propre évaluation et planifier leur propre feuille de route pour le changement.

Hope and Homes for Children,

Más Allá del Cuidado Institucional proporciona un marco para que los gobiernos desarrollen su propia hoja de ruta para la reforma de sus sistemas de protección y cuidado infantil y la desinstitucionalización. Esperamos que esto inspire el diálogo, guíe las conversaciones entre grupos interministeriales y en la sociedad, oriente a grupos
multidisciplinarios de todos los niveles en la creación de su propia evaluación y ayude en la planificación de su propia hoja de ruta para el cambio.

Hope and Homes for Children,

This report provides a framework for governments to develop their own roadmap for child protection and care system reform and deinstitutionalisation. The authors hope that it will inspire a conversation, guide inter-ministerial and cross society dialogue, support multidisciplinary groups at all levels to frame their own assessment, and plan their own roadmap for change.

Pavel López Lazo - Prensa Latina Latin American News Agency,

Through November 18, as many as 1,541 Haitians have been intercepted by U.S. coast guards and returned to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, including 153 pregnant women, nine nursing mothers and 128 children, said the Support Group for Refugees and Returnees (GARR) rep.

Dominican Today,

Following the recent caravan of Haitian migrants that arrived at the southern border of the United States, thousands of them have been sent back to the Caribbean nation, including hundreds of minors who were born in other Latin American countries and are citizens of those nations.


Nearly 170 Haitian children arrived in Port-au-Prince with their parents October 9, 2021, after being expelled from Cuba mainly and the U.S., according to UNICEF. Most of the children are from southwestern Haiti and left two to three weeks after the August earthquake in an attempt to reach the U.S.  

Joint statement by IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF, OHCHR,

Several UN agencies issued a joint statement calling for greater protection and a comprehensive regional approach for Haitians on the move, including accompanied and unaccompanied and separated children.