US church faces neglect allegations after Haiti child deaths

Michael Weissenstein and Ben Fox - The Associated Press

Haitian prosecutors have begun a criminal investigation into children's homes in Haiti run by the Church of Bible Understanding in the United States, which held 154 children at the time of a February 13th fire that killed 13 children, according to this article from the Associated Press. "The deaths have devastated parents like Eustache Arismé, 33. His daughters Nedjie, 4, and Vanise, 3, died in the fire at the home, which is known as an orphanage in Haiti although most children in such homes have at least one living parent."

The homes had failed to pass inspections in November 2012 and were stripped of accreditation, though they remained open and failed inspection again in 2017. Some children who lived in the homes also describe conditions as "mentally and physically abusive, including social isolation and beatings," says the article.