Ukrainian Child Rights Network

Ukrainian Child Rights Network is a representative, expert and coordination body, formed by a group of NGOs during 2014 in order to strengthen child rights protection in Ukraine. The organization was created to consolidate efforts, and to improve coordination within civil society in Ukraine and its influence on public policy in the field of child rights.

The Network "strives for a happy, healthy, safe, family environment for every child." The Network currently includes 9 members:

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Ukrainian Child Rights Network was established for the purpose of consolidation of efforts and achievement of better coordination between civil society organizations in Ukraine and their influence on the state child care policy. The aims of the Network are to ensure child rights realization in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to introduce international and European standards by enhancing the impact of civil society on development, implementation and monitoring of the state policy in the sphere of child rights and social services for families with children in Ukraine. The mission is to promote the best interests of the child during state policy formation by means of advocacy, lobbying reforms of social services, decentralization, and development of the national monitoring system, representation in the government of our interests and of the interests of children and their families.