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The Scam of Fake Orphanages in Cambodia

Vanessa Steinmetz and Maria Feck - Spiegel Online

This article from Spiegel Online explains how orphanages in Cambodia often exploit children, recruiting them as "tourist attractions" for visitors.

19 kids evacuated from orphanage

Gbenga Omokhunu - The Nation

"Amid concerns that orphanage operators are getting up to unwholesome practices with their charges, the authorities have removed 19 inmates of a child-care facility in [ Abuja]," according to this article from the Nation. 

Abuse of children rampant in orphanages

Carol Natukunda - New Vision

A recent media engagement on the effect of growing up in institutionalized care in Kampala, organized by Child’s i Foundation, revealed how children in orphanages are often mistreated, some even denied food, according to this article from New Vision.