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Abused and frightened, orphanage boys cry for help but the state, church fail them

Margareth S. Aritonang and Evi Mariani - The Jakarta Post

A collaborative team between The Jakarta Post and have uncovered facts that confirm that both the state and the Catholic Church allowed a suspected child molester who was running an orphanage in Depok West Java "to walk free from police detention to celebrate Christmas, and a few months later set up a new orphanage and live among vulnerable boys again," according to this article from the Jakarta Post.

Young foster carer 'youngest in Somerset' at 21

BBC News

Rachel James, a 21 year-old woman from Somerset, UK, has taken on the care of a brother and sister under the age of two after hearing that emergency, short-term foster carers were needed during the pandemic, according to this article from BBC News. She is believed to be the youngest foster carer in the area.

Kenya Govt Underscores Importance Of Family Unit In Child Care

Margaret Wanjiku - The Sun Weekly

During the induction of Adoption Committee Members at Machakos University on Monday, August 17, 2020, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Labour and Social Protection, Simon Chelugui, made remarks underscoring "the importance of the basic family unit in the nurturing, care and raising of children in society," according to this article from the Sun Weekly.

A Private Security Company Is Detaining Migrant Children at Hotels

Caitlin Dickerson - The New York Times

"The Trump administration has been using major hotel chains to detain children and families taken into custody at the border, creating a largely unregulated shadow system of detention and swift expulsions without the safeguards that are intended to protect the most vulnerable migrants," says this article from the New York Times.

Mothers, Babies Stranded in Ukraine Surrogacy Industry

Maria Varenikova - The New York Times

"In one of the more bizarre consequences of coronavirus travel restrictions, biological parents, babies and surrogate mothers have become scattered and sometimes stranded in multiple countries for months this year," says this article from the New York Times that describes the situation of surrogates and babies waiting to be retrieved in Ukraine.

Maha’s foster care scheme: Take care of kids for 1-3 yrs

Surendra P Gangan - The Hindustan Times

"The state government [of Maharashtra] is launching a foster care scheme under which citizens can parent children from state-run child care institutions for a limited period of one to three years," according to this article from the Hindustan Times. 

Hope Help Harm

Lisa Gartner and Barbara Laker - The Philadelphia Inquirer

This article from the Philadelphia Inquirer details the accounts of sexual abuse of children in several residential mental health care facilities in the United States operated by Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health.