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A Choice No Parent Should Have to Make

Rebecca Smith - Save the Children

In this blog post for Save the Children, Rebecca Smith, Senior Child Protection Adviser at Save the Children, writes about access to education (or lack thereof) as a driving force for the institutionalization of children around the globe.

The Christian Case Against the Orphanage

Krish Kandiah - Christianity Today

In this piece for Christianity Today, Krish Kandiah writes about the Christian community's support for orphanages around the globe and how their well-meaning support has contributed to the separation of families and other negative impacts on the wellbeing of children.

Battle for the Family’s Soul: Anatomy of the Orphanage Phenomenon in Kenya

Simon Njoroge - The Elephant

"While all the focus has been on [recent headlines in Kenya] and the ensuing drama," writes Simon Njoroge in this piece for the Elephant, "a more profound discourse concerning the suitability of the orphanage as a model of care and protection of children has been ongoing for some years among policymakers, practitioners and childcare advocates."