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American Indian adoptees deal with painful past and family separations

Camille Erickson - Indian Country Today

This comprehensive long-form article from Indian Country Today explores the history of family separation in the Indigenous communities in the United States, including the forcible placement of Native children into boarding schools in the 19th century, the "Indian Adoption Project" of the 1950s and 1960s, and the current overrepresentation of Native children in the US child welfare system.

Rwanda genocide: Orphans' search for family continues

Flora Drury - BBC News

An estimated 95,000 children in Rwanda are believed to have been orphaned during the genocide of 1994, according to this article from BBC News which tells the stories of some of those children, now adults, who are searching for living family members.

'I ran away to France to keep my baby'

Ena Miller - BBC News

Through the story of one woman, Zara, this article from BBC News highlights a growing trend of parents in the UK (particularly pregnant women) who flee to other countries in the fears that, if they stay, their children will be taken into care.

Thousands of children 'could become undocumented' after Brexit

Lisa O'Carroll - The Guardian

The UK Home Office is introducing a new scheme requiring the registration of EU nationals after Brexit, putting children in care and other vulnerable children in danger of slipping through the cracks, according to a report from Coram Children’s Legal Centre.