Committee on the Rights of the Child 2021 Day of General Discussion: Outcome Report and Recommendations

The purpose of this outcome document is: 1) to provide summaries of plenary sessions and the five working groups that took place during the DGD, and 2) to present a comprehensive set of recommendations on the key themes covered during the preparatory processes leading up to the DGD, including through hundreds of written submissions, a global survey of children and young people with care experience, and during the DGD itself.

This report contains concise summaries of the DGD sessions based on a thorough review of the video recordings of the DGD. The recommendations section draws on the DGD Background Document, the child and youth survey, and the verbal comments made at the DGD itself. Using a systematic, objective and consistent approach with the inclusive spirit of the DGD, the Committee examined all recommendations through a qualitative analysis process to narrow down those to be presented in the outcome document. Throughout this process the Committee put focused attention to ensuring that the voices of children, youth and people with lived experience of alternative care would be clearly reflected. The Committee also sought inputs and feedback on drafts from members of civil society and the Children and Young People’s Advisory Team (CAT and YAT).

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