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Dr. Nicky Pouw, Katie Hodgkinson MSc, Mariëlle Le Mat MSc, Karel van Dam MSc15 Nov 2017

This report presents the results of a scientific research on the topic of Social Exclusion of Vulnerable Youth, commissioned by SOS Children’s Villages Netherlands.

Jasmine Spearing Bowen - Tucson Weekly9 Nov 2017

This article explores the many obstables and legal challenges that unaccompanied minors are experiencing in the judicial system in the state of Arizona in the US in their efforts to obtain legal status and be granted asylum.

CPC Learning Network2 Nov 2017

As debates about immigration roil the national political dialogue in the United States, the CPC Learning Networ

Suzan Song - Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry1 Oct 2017

This article discusses knowledge on the traumas that this hidden, although expanding, group of youth experience, as well as the interventions, clinical services, and policies that can benefit these youth.

Ruth Elizabeth Prado Pérez - Migraciones Internacionales13 Sep 2017

This essay examines the extreme violence and organized crime in the Central American Northern Triangle (CANT) region that is causing many young people, families, and individuals to flee and become displaced, as well as the widespread forcible gang recruitment in the region.

Disability Rights International 9 Aug 2017

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has called for urgent action to reintegrate children and psychiatric detainees who have been living in institutions into their communities

Afton R. Kirk, Christina J. Groark, and Robert B. McCall - Child Maltreatment in Residential Care3 Aug 2017

This chapter from Child Maltreatment in Residential Care provides an overview of institutional care in Latin America and the Carribean, describes current efforts toward deinsitutionalization and child care reform in the region, and discusses practical suggestions for further research and reform.

Jorge Hevia-Orozco, Araceli Sanz-Martin, Miguel Angel Guevara and Marisela Hernández-Gonzalez - Abnormal & Behavioral Psychology26 Jul 2017

This study investigated and compared electroencephalogram (EEG) functioning between a group of institutionalized adolescents and a never institutionalized group of adolescents during a social decision making task. 

Beatriz San Román & Karen S Rotabi - International Social Work 24 Jul 2017

This study investigated how adoptive and prospective adoptive parents in Spain deal with signs of fraud and corruption within the intercountry adoption process, illuminating the dismissal of the systemic failures of intercountry adoption and the rights of birth families. 

Sofia Menchu & Richard Chang (Editor) - Reuters12 Jun 2017

Guatemala arrested three human rights officials and two police officers for their alleged responsibility in the death of 41 girls who died in a blaze in a children's shelter.