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Jacqueline Bhabha & Vasileia Digidiki - FXB Center for Health & Human Rights, Harvard University17 Apr 2017

The present study analyzes the risk factors responsible for the exposure of migrant and refugee children to physical, psychological, and sexual violence and exploitation in Greece in the context of the ongoing migrant humanitarian crisis. It documents sexual and physical abuse of children inside migrant camps and reports new information about the commercial sexual exploitation of migrant children in the main cities of Greece. This research also explores the existing gaps and challenges in intervention efforts that contribute to victimization of migrant children. 

Save the Children9 Mar 2017

Save the Children is in search of a child protection programme manager for its office in Greece.  

France2427 Jan 2017

Delphine Moralis discusses the 10,000 refugee children that have gone missing in the EU.

Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi - Greek Reporter26 Jan 2017

The Greek Reporter states that the joint project between the EU and UNICEF will help keep refugee children safe and cared for.

Katerina Filippeos - Greek Reporter2 Dec 2016

Greek Reporter notes there are more than 1,200 unaccompanied child refugees on waiting lists for suitable accommodations.

Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi - Greek Reporter3 Nov 2016

Adoptions in Greece have fallen to their lowest in a decade.

VOA News5 Oct 2016

According to this article from the Voice of America, migrant children in Greece will begin school next week.  The Greek Education Minister states that 1,500 children will be taught at 20 public schools or in classrooms at six refugee camps starting Monday.

Allison Pond - Desert News NewsOK26 Sep 2016

In this article from NEWSok, Zaidoon Khalaf shares his experiences while attempting to reunify with his family Germany.

Morgan Meaker - BBC News25 Jun 2016

This article from the BBC shares the stories of children in Greece who have been removed from their families and are being held at hospitals for months at a time.

Yogita Limaye - BBC News6 May 2016

In this video, a boy in a shelter in Athens, Greece shares his story of migration to Europe and the trials and challenges he has endured.