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Georgette Mulheir avec Mara Cavanagh1 Nov 2016

On estime que 32 000 enfants vivent dans des orphelinats en Haïti.

Georgette Mulheir and Mara Cavanagh - Lumos1 Nov 2016

According to this report from Lumos, of the estimated 32,000 children who live in orphanages in Haiti, only 20 are percent orphans.

Eleanor Goldberg -- Huffington Post10 Oct 2016

According to this report from The Huffington Post, children already at risk for human trafficking face greater risk due to the Hurricane Matthew.

Georgette Mulheir - The World Post31 Mar 2016

In light of a UN meeting this week to review indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Lumos, along with the Better Care Network and over 170 other organizations, have signed a letter to the UN urging the inclusion of children living outside of households and/or without parental care in UN data collection. 

Jacob Kushner, New York Times Magazine22 Mar 2016

In this article, the author discusses "voluntourism", where volunteers travel to other countries for a week or two for a “project” — a temporary medical clinic, an orphanage visit or a school construction. A 2008 study estimated that 1.6 million people volunteer on vacation, spending around $2 billion annually. 

BBC News9 Mar 2016

A woman flew from Istanbul to Paris with an infant girl hidden inside her hand luggage, Air France has said.

Better Care Network24 Feb 2016

This country care review includes the care-related Concluding Observations adopted by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. 

Save the Children1 Jan 2016

Este documento discute el enfoque integral utilizado por Save the Children para promover la sinergia entre la autonomía personal y el desarrollo económico. 

Save the Children1 Jan 2016

This document discusses the comprehensive approach used by Save the Children to promote synergy between personal autonomy and economic development. 

Lumos23 Oct 2015

Lumos is an international organisation working to end the institutionalisation of children globally.