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Janet C. Mann and Dr. Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks - Jessica Kingsley Publishers13 Jul 2017

This book draws on over 20 years of work in foster care, along with current attachment research and theory, to question traditional foster care models, make recommendations for improved models of care and interventions, and aid social workers and care professionals to better understand families in crisis and inform their practice.  

BBC News11 Jul 2017

Of 648 unpaid carers surveyed in Scotland, 22 percent said they had not taken one day away from caring in five years. 

The Howard League10 Jul 2017

This briefing the first in a series describing a programme of the Howard League for Penal Reform, which is intended to clarify why so many children in residential care in England and Wales are being criminalised at higher rates than their peers and identify examples of best practice to prevent their unnecessary criminalisation. 

Louise Tickle - The Guardian10 Jul 2017

Under England's new fostering to adopt legislation, birth mothers may find temporary foster care arrangements turn into permanent adoption, with limited access to free legal advice. 

Jessica Datta, Geraldine Macdonald, Jane Barlow, Jacqueline Barnes, Diana Elbourne - Children & Society5 Jul 2017

This qualitative study, embedded in a randomised trial of the Group Family Nurse Partnership (gFNP) program, was designed to explore the challenges faced by women with experience in the care system during pregnancy and early parenthood and to assess the potential of gFNP to meet their needs through the perspectives of a range of informants.

Janice McGhee, Paul Bywaters, Lisa Bunting, Claire McCartan, Martin Elliott, and Brid Featherstone - British Journal of Social Work 3 Jul 2017

This paper analyses comparative child welfare administrative data from each of the four jurisdictions of the UK over a ten-year period to examine rates and patterns of public care for children. 

Naomi Eisenstadt - Independent Advisor on Poverty and Inequality3 Jul 2017

This report offers 18 recommendations across the key themes of employment, housing and mental health, aimed at improving outcomes for young people from less advantaged backgrounds in Scotland. 

Donna Molloy, Steve Barton and Lucy Brims - Early Intervention Foundation23 Jun 2017

This overview report provides a summary of key findings and lessons from five detailed research papers investigating what has proven to improve outcomes for children in the child protection system, what programs and services are delivered locally in the child protection system, and what is known about the overall effectiveness of the child protection system. 

Carluke Gazette21 Jun 2017

Inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland begins after child occupants of the Smyllum Orphanage came forward with allegations of abuse, nearly four decades after the close of the institution. 

University of York20 Jun 2017

Children in the care system – who are more likely to have mental health difficulties than others in the wider population – are not more at risk due to being in care, according to new research from the University of York.