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Ben Robinson & Michael Buchanan - BBC News10 Sep 2017

A mass grave, where hundreds of former child residents of a child care institution are believed to be buried, has been uncovered in Lanarkshire, southern Scotland. 

ECPAT UK31 Aug 2017

ECPAT UK is recruiting a Policy & Campaigns Officer to help influence systemic change for children who have been trafficked. 

Harold Goodwin - Responsible Tourism Blog22 Aug 2017

Evidence illustrates that orphanage tourism comes with grim consequences for vulnerable chidlren and their families. The WTM Responsible Tourism Programme is scheduled to discuss the issue of orphanage volunteering, as well as other priority areas of concern, at an upcoming November conference. 

Helen M Roberts, Hannah Bradby, Anne Ingold, Grazia Manzotti, David Reeves, Kristin Liabo - International Journal of Social Science Studies21 Aug 2017

This paper reports the findings from a study investigating the priorities of care-leavers who arrived in England or Sweden as unaccompanied minors. 

Helen Connolly, Richard Crellin and Rupinder Parhar - University of Bedfordshire & The Children's Society21 Aug 2017

This updated report presents the findings and recommendations from a study investigating the situation and experience of unaccompanied children in the UK's legal system. 

Richard Crellin - HuffPost UK20 Aug 2017

UK government cuts to legal aid in 2012 have greatly impacted unaccompanied migrant children, who are now denied legal aid in non-asylum cases. 

Sarah Marsh - The Guardian14 Aug 2017

Tens of thousands of children referred to England's social services due to abuse or neglect are falling through the cracks because they do not meet the statutory criteria for help. 

Rebecca Southworth - BBC Three 3 Aug 2017

In this BBC Three documentary, Rebecca Southworth tells her own story about growing up in care and follows the lives of care-leavers and young people in care to explore why so many people with experience in care end up living chaotic lives. 

Mary Baginsky, Sarah Gorin and Claire Sands - Quest Research and Evaluation Ltd, England Department for Education (Publisher)17 Jul 2017

Commissioned by England's Department for Education, this review of the fostering system in England provides a look into the details of the foster care system, how it functions and how children in care are impacted by it, and identifies gaps and areas for improvement. 

Janet C. Mann and Dr. Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks - Jessica Kingsley Publishers13 Jul 2017

This book draws on over 20 years of work in foster care, along with current attachment research and theory, to question traditional foster care models, make recommendations for improved models of care and interventions, and aid social workers and care professionals to better understand families in crisis and inform their practice.