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Kyle McCarthy, Christina Triplett, Heather Ball and Sarah A. Morrison - Catawba County Social Services & Center for the Study of Social Policy 1 Aug 2017

This report is a case study of the Child Wellbeing Project, which sought to address the reduction of services to families post-care compared to available in-care services to prevent foster care re-entry, ensure permanence, and improve long-term outcomes for children. 

Paul Nelson - Times Union26 Jul 2017

Police of Schenetady, New York have seen a rise in calls in recent years from Northeast Parent & Child Society, a residential care home for youth referred from the court system, with 406 calls through July 14 of this year. 

Monica Luhar - NBC News24 Jul 2017

Asian American and Pacific Islander children are struggling due to cultural and language barriers in California's Los Angeles and Orange Counties foster homes. Nonprofits in the area are working to recruit and train Asian-American foster families who can better understand the cultural needs of these children and make their transitions into care less traumatic. 

The Annie E. Casey Foundation 22 Jul 2017

This paper offers recommendations for child welfare professionals, caregivers and systems to use the research on adolescent brain development to work effectively with youth in or emerging from foster care. 

Stephanie Clifford & Jessica Silver-Greenberg - New York Times21 Jul 2017

The practice of criminalizing the parenting choices of predominantly low-income women of color and placing their children in foster care is being deemed "Jane Crow," the New York Times reports. 

Sonja Lenz-Rashid - Children and Youth Services Review17 Jul 2017

This study observes foster care re-entry for young people whose families participated in Cottage Housing Incorporated's Serna Village Program (CHI), a supportive housing program serving homeless families in Sacramento, California. 

Andrea Lane Eastman & Emily Putnam-Hornstein - Child Maltreatment14 Jul 2017

This study investigated the connection between past child protective services involvement and type of exit from care for youth in probation-supervised foster care. 

The Texas Tribune & Reveal14 Jul 2017

This podcast episode of Reveal explores the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children involved in Texas's foster care system. 

You Soo-sun - The Korea Times13 Jul 2017

The recent death of a deported Korean adoptee ignites adoptee-led organizations to call on the Korean government to end the "industrialized international adoption" system in South Korea. 

Janet C. Mann and Dr. Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks - Jessica Kingsley Publishers13 Jul 2017

This book draws on over 20 years of work in foster care, along with current attachment research and theory, to question traditional foster care models, make recommendations for improved models of care and interventions, and aid social workers and care professionals to better understand families in crisis and inform their practice.