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Natalie Pattillo - VICE16 Jun 2017

Introduced this April, the Child Welfare Inclusion Act of 2017 could allow adoption and foster care agencies to claim religious or moral objections to fostering LGBTQ youth or providing services for LGBTQ couples looking to adopt. 

Susan Chinitz, Hazel Guzman, Ellen Amstutz, Joaniko Kohchi, Miriam Alkon - Child Abuse & Neglect13 Jun 2017

This article describes and evaluates a model utilizing Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to minimize the impact of early trauma for infants and toddlers removed from parental care. 

Marsha Kline. Pruett, Kyle D. Pruett, Carolyn P. Cowan, Philip A. Cowan - Child Development Perspectives13 Jun 2017

In this article, researchers summarize what is known about engaging fathers in parenting programs, then argue that programs are most effective when coparenting is the focus early in family formation.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation13 Jun 2017

The 2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book urges policymakers not to back away from targeted investments that help U.S. children become healthier, more likely to complete high school and better positioned to contribute to the nation’s economy as adults.

Emily Smith Goering, Terry V. Shaw - Child Abuse & Neglect1 Jun 2017

This study examined the odds of reentry across multiple common permanency types for a cohort of 8107 children who achieved permanency between 2009 and 2013. 

Yo Jackson, Lindsay Huffhines, Katie J. Stone, Kandace Fleming, Joy Gabrielli - Child Abuse & Neglect27 May 2017

This article describes the findings from a longitudinal study investigating the coping styles of youth living in foster care with a history of maltreatment. 

Judy Peterson - The Mercury News25 May 2017

A former orphanage for young Chinese girls escapting prostitution and sex slavery now serves as a community-based service provider for children and families.

Martha Canfield, Polly Radcliffe, Sally Marlow, Marggie Boreham, Gail Gilchrist - Child Abuse & Neglect25 May 2017

This article reviews the literature on the factors associated with mothers who use substances losing care of their children.

Global Social Service Workforce Alliance24 May 2017
Washington DC

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance hosts an Annual Symposium to bring attention to data and trends affecting the social service workforce, a key component of the health workforce th

Tyler W. Corwin, Erin J. Maher, Lisa Merkel-Holguin, Heather Allan, John D. Fluke - University of Colorado School of Medicine23 May 2017

This randomized control trial study used an intent-to-treat approach to examine whether a referral to a family group conference (FGC) was associated with re-referrals, substantiated re-referrals, or out-of-home placements among child welfare-involved families receiving in-home services.