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International Step by Step Association 4 Oct 2017
Ghent, Belgium

The focus of ISSA's three-day 2017 Conference: Local Responses, Global Advances: Towards Competent Early Childhood Systems will examine how the speed of change in today’s world requires substantial shifts in the ways early childhood systems are designed, equipped, governed, financed and supported. The 2017 ISSA Conference will unite the knowledge and practice of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, parents and NGOs from around the world to explore early childhood themes through insightful discussions and interactive sessions, while sharing their wisdom and solutions.

ISPCAN1 Oct 2017

ISPCAN is hosting its 15th annual European Regional Conference in the Netherlands 1-4 October, 2017.

JAS3 Jul 2017
Palais de Congres; Paris

Avons-nous progresse? Est-ce mieux ailleurs? Comment-relever les nouveaux defis?

Kate Lyons - The Guardian13 Jun 2017

Homeless immigrant families approaching local athorities for housing in the U.K. have been told social services would accommodate the children but not their parents.

Children on the Move12 Jun 2017

The Global Conference on Children on the Move will provide a space for diverse stakeholders – including representatives from governments, civil society, multilateral institutions and the private sector – to discuss and advocate for a strong global strategy on protecting the rights of children on the move and other children affected by migration. 

CELCIS7 Jun 2017

The SIRCC annual conference is the only dedicated residential child care conference in the UK. The residential child care sector and associated professions will explore how professionals can work together to provide a sense of family, care and support, while nurturing, comforting and providing a home within the boundaries of the residential child care system. 

Ana Maria Tourma - Balkan Insight2 Jun 2017

Romania's Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes has demanded an official investigation into 771 deaths in the dismal Communist-era orphanages for disabled children.

UK Department for Education 1 Jun 2017

This statistical first release provides data on secure children’s homes (SCHs) in England and Wales.

David Brindle - The Guardian23 May 2017

European social workers adapt their practice to accommodate to the changing needs of society amidst the global refugee crisis. 

Charles A.Nelson, Harvard Medical School & Boston Children's Hospital - Washington Post14 May 2017

A researcher studying Romanian children who were institutionalized as infants describes the impact of social deprivation on the developing brain and their similarities to children with autism. This article suggests understanding the autism features appearing in children who were socially deprived as invants may offer insight into autism more generally and hint at interventions to ease them.