UNICEF, Natalia Lyalina and Anna Nordenmark Severinsson21 May 2009

Developed by the UNICEF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe/Commonwealth of Independent States as a discussion paper for the 2nd Child Protection Forum on Building and Reforming Child Care Systems

Oxford Policy Management1 Apr 2009

Analysis of policy and service model used to identify barriers in the delivery of alternative care services for children.

Nader Ahmadi1 Jan 2003

A research study on the policies, finances and current state of care of vulnerable children in Tajikistan. Includes data on budgeting and expenditures around institutional care, as well as recommendations for the creation of short-term and long-term care alternatives.

Anna Nordenmark1 Jan 2003

This report is the result of a seminar held in Kazakhstan 2004. It focuses on social welfare sector reform, and includes topics such as expanding legislative agendas and financing frameworks, as well as gate keeping. Case studies of reform processes from Romania, Tajikistan and Serbia are discussed. Includes conference agenda.