United Kingdom

Hannah Richardson - BBC21 Mar 2017

This article from BBC reports that late family interventions are forcing children into care.

David Stewart - America Magazine10 Mar 2017

People protest as Britain reneges on its duty to take in 3,000 refugee children.

Jimmy Paul – The Guardian8 Mar 2017

The best thing people can do to help change the perception of children in care is to speak to, read about, and listen to people who have experienced care.

Sandra Laville -- The Guardian27 Feb 2017

David Hill wants to shed a light on the abuse perpetrated against child migrants who entered Australia from 1947 to the 1970s.

Heidi Allen, Allison McGovern, Tom Brake, Anne McLaughlin21 Feb 2017

This opinion piece from The Times states that the UK must honor its commitment to unaccompanied refugee children and take them in.

Libby Purves - The Times6 Feb 2017

Libby Purves argues in favor of boarding schools for children with predicted poor outcomes.

The Editorial Team - Care Appointments31 Jan 2017

Foster carers in the UK find working within the system challenging. 

Louise Tickle - The Guardian25 Jan 2017

This article examines the ethics of forcing women to take birth control by sharing experiences of women who are part of the Pause program. 

Sandra Laville - The Guardian18 Jan 2017

A report presented to the House of Commons found 65% rise in the number of children separated from their parents.

Catherina Philp -- The Australian, The Times5 Jan 2017

According to this article from The Australian approximately 1,000 children from the “Jungle Camp” in Calais remain in limbo in France.