Inter-Agency Coordination - Lebanon18 Oct 2016

The quarterly dashboard summarizes the progress made by partners involved in the Lebanon Crisis Response and highlights trends a!ecting people in need.

World Bank23 Sep 2016

This is a video highlighting the education being provided to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

John Davison - Reuters Investigates3 May 2016

This article from Reuters discusses the complicated issue of birth registration for Syrian refugee children and shines light on the growing number of “stateless” children as the Syrian refugee crisis escalates. 

IRC30 Apr 2016

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is seeking a Child Protection (CP) Case Management Coaching Manager to support the capacity building of the CP case management system in Lebanon on multiple levels. 

Save the Children Sweden1 Dec 2015

Through the voices of children, parents and staff working in the region, this report by Save the Children presents a glimpse into the struggles faced by refugee and displaced children and families from Syria. The report is primarily based on children’s stories as told to Save the Children in urban areas in Lebanon and in camps and urban areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Drawings and other playful sessions were used with the children to help them tell stories of their everyday lives without the negative impact a deep interview might have.

Hashem Osseiran - The Daily Star 28 Jan 2015

Zeina Abdullah, the owner of a migrant domestic worker recruitment agency in Lebanon, and two Lebanese doctors, Dr. Aziz Samaha and Dr. Fouad Joseph Helou, have been accused of forming an illegal child adoption ring, according to the article.

Zeina Allouche - The Legal Agenda 20 Jan 2015

This article from The Legal Agenda provides an overview of illegal adoptions in Lebanon, including the history of adoption, the systems that perpetuate the practice of illegal adoption in Lebanon, and the various forms of illegal adoptions that occur in the country.

UNHCR1 Nov 2013

This online resource, complete with videos and infographics, accompanies a report from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees which details the experiences of Syrian refugee children and youth.

UNHCR1 Nov 2013

This report from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees details the experiences of Syrian refugee children and youth.

Manara Network for Child Rights, Save the Children Sweden, Defence for Children International - Palestine Section, Developmental Action Without Borders1 Aug 2011

This report aims at describing and analysing existing protection mechanisms available for Palestinian refugee children with a focus on Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt).