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UNICEF Bangladesh28 Sep 2017

UNICEF Bangladesh is requesting proposals for the development National Adolescent Strategy (NAS) and mapping of the Child Protection System in Bangladesh. 

Karen McVeigh - The Guardian20 Sep 2017

The Government of Sri Lanka has announced an inquiry into adoption fraud following claims that thousands of babies were taken from their mothers and sold to foreign nationals in the 1980s. 

Agence France-Presse 13 Sep 2017

UNICEF estimates suggest that over 1,100 Rohingya children fleeing violence in western Myanmar have arrived unaccompanied in Bangladesh since August 25. 

Gita Aravamudan - FirstPost 3 Sep 2017

Indian adoptees living all over the world search for their biological families and discover they were trafficked into orphanages and adopted by families overseas, often unbeknownst to their biological parents. 

Aditya Yatri - Youth Ki Awaaz 16 Aug 2017

Children aging out of institutional care in India often have no legal identity and face many obstacles to survive on their own. These youth are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking, recruitment into the sex trade, getting involved in crime, or developing addictions. 

Marouf Ali - Kashmir Observer12 Aug 2017

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court called on government to create an action plan to address the deficiencies in the state's orphanage homes. 

UNICEF 6 Aug 2017

UNICEF India is seeking a consultation to support the Child Protection priority area of programming in the new CPD around strengthening family based care and alternative care especially non-institutional alternatives.

Peter Jesserer Smith - National Catholic Register4 Aug 2017

Most children living in India's residential care institutions have a family; over the past six months, actors have come together to reform the child care system in Odisha state away from orphanages and toward family-based care. 

Christine L. Gray, Sumedha Ariely, Brian W. Pence, and Kathryn Whetten - Child Maltreatment in Residential Care3 Aug 2017

This chapter of Child Maltreatment in Residential Care discusses the findings from a multi-country study comparing the incidence of maltreatment in institution-based and family-based care and offers recommendations based on the findings. 

Femmie Juffer, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg - Child Maltreatment in Residential Care 3 Aug 2017

This study observed the physical growth and cognitive development in institutionalized toddlers in India, finding profound developmental delays in the sample group.