Aftercare support for children leaving care: Learning lessons from across Europe

Eurochild & CarePath project
Brussels, Belgium

Updates regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus):
Eurochild is closely monitoring the situation in Belgium with the ongoing outbreak of coronavirus and currently assessing how it will impact the Conference. Consequently, Eurochild highly recommend that participants hold off on booking travel and accommodation arrangements until further notice.They will inform members about precautionary measures and in case it needs to be cancelled. You can follow updates on the situation in Belgium on the official Belgian federal website:

About the conference 

The experience for children and young people who are ‘ageing out’ of care differs wildly across Europe. Some national child protection systems provide support for young people preparing to leave care and provide psychosocial aftercare support, while others offer little to no preparation for an independent life after their time in care. Given that children and young people with care experiences are a highly vulnerable group, not receiving quality aftercare support during their transition from care can lead to life lasting costs at a human and wider societal level.1 

Eurochild, as part of the European Union (EU) funded CarePath project, is convening a conference in Brussels for stakeholders from the childcare and protection fields. The conference aims to exchange knowledge on lessons from across Europe on existing aftercare practices, identify gaps in national policy, legislation and service provision relating to psychosocial aftercare, and investigate how change can be driven at EU level. Attendees will be invited from the EU institutions and international organisations, (sub-)national public authorities, NGOs, universities, corporates as well as care professionals and, most importantly, young people with experiences of care themselves. 

The event will be held on 30 April 2020. Register here.