Philippine Red Cross23 Apr 2017

Philippine Red Cross is seeking a Child Protection Officer for its Metro Manila office.

Laura A. Voith, Joan Marie Blakey - Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma27 Oct 2016

Employing focus groups and participant-observation, this exploratory study examined areas of personal development, knowledge, and skills of young women who were formally in residential care in the Philippines to determine success factors for young women with traumatic histories.  

Recthie T. Paculba – Philippine Information Agency17 Oct 2016

This article from the PIA notes that the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare Committee-10 (RJJWC) is set to present a resolution on forging commitments from local government units to support children at risk and children in conflict with the law.

Save the Children1 Jan 2016

This booklet is based on a recent internal desk review of Save the Children’s and partners’ work against physical and humiliating punishment of children, commissioned by Save the Children Sweden. It aims to present best practices, to show what methods have worked around the world, and to spread knowledge about results achieved and lessons learned when it comes to law reform and positive discipline.  

Government of the Philippines1 Jan 2016

President Aquino of the Philippines has recently signed into law the “Children’s Emergency Relief and Protection Act,” an Act which ensures the protection of children “in times of calamity, disaster, and other emergency situations.”

UNICEF4 Sep 2015

Institutions are invited to submit a proposal by 10:00 AM EST, 04 September 2015.

USAID (DCOF), CPC Network, Women’s Refugee Commission and FHI3606 Mar 2015


Carmela Duron - DSWD Field Office XI Official Website, Philippines 11 Feb 2015

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the Philippines has issued a statement that it will continue to advocate for legal adoptions in the country.

Rodziana Mohamed Razali, Rohaida Nordin and Tamara Joan Duraisingam1 Jan 2015

This article investigates the relationships and differences between statelessness and migration.   Its particular focus is on migration in Malaysia and how migration can lead to statelessness. 

Patricia Cortes - World Development1 Jan 2015

This paper explores the effects of a mother’s migration on her children’s well-being.