Partnership Due Diligence Assessment Tool

ReThink Orphanages Australia

The Partner Due Diligence Assessment Tool was developed specifically for charities seeking to partner with overseas organisations who provide residential care services for children. It is designed to help you determine whether your partner or prospective partner is operating in accordance with standard notions of good practice and international norms. It provides a list of questions that can be asked or answered through various means including by looking at the organisation’s website, marketing materials, policies, annual reports, key governing documents and through site visits and discussions. It includes two sections, covering a basic organisational assessment and an assessment covering the residential care facility and service run by the third-party organisation. The questions are worded in such a way that good practice would be indicated by a ‘yes’ response, and ‘no’ responses indicates gaps or areas of concern. Question 7.12 is the exception to this rule. In this case, any ‘yes’ is a clear red flag as indicated by the question.