India Alternative Care Network (IACN)

In 2018, many civil society organisations and individual practitioners in India came together to discuss learnings and challenges on issues related to the protection and well-being of children in different care settings. They identified the need for a common platform for the exchange of ideas, dialogues, interventions, learnings, knowledge and evidence. It is with that intent that IACN was formed in 2019 with the support of UNICEF India. IACN Secretariat became functional in 2020 and is hosted at Butterflies.


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IACN is a collective dedicated to promoting the exchange of learning and dissemination of knowledge on issues related to children without parental care or at risk of separation. With online and offline initiatives, their purpose is to strengthen practice and policy for children in different care settings. The network brings together a diverse array of academicians, practitioners and policy advocates working on the well-being and protection of children in different care settings.

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India Alternative Care Network (IACN)

The India Alternative Care Network (IACN) held a website launch event on 21 October 2020.