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REPSSI27 Aug 2019
Windhoek, Namibia

REPSSI is hosting its 5th biannual Psychosocial Support (PSS) Forum, under the theme “Breaking Barriers…Creating Connections” which is organised jointly by the Government of Namibia.

Jelly Beanz18 Aug 2019
Cape Town, South Africa

This conference aims to gather people who are committed to changing the landscape of child protection in Africa. 

International Rescue Committee3 Jul 2019

Dans le cadre du Projet national “Umwana mu muryango” (UMMU) de « Prise en charge alternative de qualité pour les enfants au Burundi», financé par l’Union Européenne (UE), International Rescue Comittee (IRC) est en concertation avec le Ministère des Droits de la Personne Humaine, des Affaires Sociales et du Genre en vue de s’attacher les services d’un Consultant national ou international, de préférence résidant au Burundi pour la réalisation d’une Stratégie Nationale de Prise en charge alternative des enfants au Burundi.

South African National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW) & CYC-Net2 Jul 2019
Durban, South Africa

The National Executive Committee of the South African National Association of Child Care Workers(NACCW) and the Board of Governors of CYC-Net have announced details of the 22nd NACCW Biennial Conference and the 4th CYC-Net World Conference to be held in Durban, South Africa from 2-4 July 2019.

UNICEF Madagascar21 Jun 2019

L’objectif de la consultation est d’appuyer le Ministère de la Population, de la Protection Sociale et de la Promotion de la Femme (MPPSPF) pour la finalisation du Projet de décret réglementant le dispositif des familles d’accueil et l’élaboration de son exposé de motif.

Ben Raikes, Romeo Asiminei, Karene-Anne Nathaniel, Eric Awich Ochen, George Pascaru, Gloria Seruwagi - The Palgrave Handbook of Prison and the Family 12 Jun 2019

This small pilot project was conducted to start to understand and compare the situation of grandmothers caring for children in a diverse range of countries when their parents are in prison.

Matthew MacFarlane, Beth L. Rubenstein, Terry Saw, Daniel Mekonnen, Craig Spencer and Lindsay Stark - BMC International Health and Human Rights10 Jun 2019

In this study, a mobile phone-based surveillance system was established in a drought-affected district in northern Ethiopia to assess the feasibility of using community focal points to monitor cases of unaccompanied and separated children.

Epaphrodite Nsabimana, Eugène Rutembesa, Peter Wilhelm, Chantal Martin Soelch - Frontiers in Psychiatry4 Jun 2019

This study aimed at investigating specifically whether institutionalization impacts negatively children’s psychological adjustment defined in terms of externalizing behavior, internalizing behavior and self-esteem and whether having living parents has additional influence. Ninety-five institutionalized and 82 not institutionalized children in Rwanda, aged 9 to 16, participated in the study.

Ismael Ddumba-Nyanzi, Melissa Fricke, Angie Hong Max, Mai Nambooze, Mark Riley - Uganda Care Leavers project1 Jun 2019

In order to address the need for evidence-based research about the care leaver experience, a study was facilitated by the Uganda Care Leavers project - sponsored by Alternative Care Initiatives (ACI), a Ugandan NGO, and BULA, a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - to conduct peer-led participatory workshops throughout the country. These care leavers, identified by local community leaders and networks, were invited to participate in workshops where they completed surveys about their experiences, the results of which are presented in this report. Survey results are the basis of this study’s recommendations and suggestions for future care reform.

Mariam Adepeju Abdulraheem-Mustapha - Child Justice Administration in Africa30 May 2019

This chapter from the boom Child Justice Administration in Africa examines the development of the child justice system in South Africa. The empirical findings in this book revealed the models put in place for alternative care of children in need of care and protection, which the author believes were hindered by inadequate budgetary allocations and could have been recorded in the administration of child justice in South Africa.