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The Children's Bureau20 Aug 2019
Washington, DC, USA

The Evaluation Summit is a forum for child welfare leaders, members of the research and evaluation community, and their partners and stakeholders to come together for timely and important dialogue and learning.

Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights24 Jun 2019
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Child Protection Executive Education Course (CPEEC) offered by the Harvard FXB Center for Health and Human Rights is designed for mid-career professionals who are engaged in the protection of and response to children vulnerable to abuse, violence exploitation and neglect.

Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)8 May 2019
Louisville, KY, USA

The 2019 CAFO Summit will be held 8-10 May 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

National Children’s Advocacy Center18 Mar 2019
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

The International Symposium on Child Abuse is a premiere conference that provides expert training and numerous networking opportunities to professionals in the child maltreatment field.

Azam Ahmed - New York Times14 Feb 2019

This article from the New York Times tells the story of the fire at the Hogar Seguro group home in Guatemala in 2017, which killed 41 girls. 

Jennifer Ma, Barbara Fallon, Kenn Richard - Child Abuse & Neglect8 Feb 2019

The objectives of this article are to: 1) estimate the rate of overrepresentation of First Nations children and youth involved in child welfare investigations in the Ontario child welfare system and, 2) determine which factors drive the overrepresentation of First Nations children in child welfare at the investigation stage compared to White children.

Sarah S. Mayer - Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma7 Feb 2019

Despite limited research on the effectiveness of mind-body interventions with children and adolescents in out-of-home care in Canada, a review of available literature on mindfulness, arts-based methods, and yoga suggests these therapeutic interventions promote resilience and positive development.

Jack P. Shonkoff - Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University7 Feb 2019

At a US House of Representatives Hearing on Migrant Family Separation Policy, Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D. (Director of the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University) gave testimony on the impacts of family separation on children, highlighting the "strong scientific consensus supported by decades of peer-reviewed research" that "sudden, forcible separation of children from their parents is deeply traumatic for both the child and the parent," triggering "a massive biological stress response."

Newsday - BBC World Service5 Feb 2019

In this radio segment from Newsday, Aselefech Evans, an Ethiopian adoptee who was adopted to the US at the age of six, speaks about her support of the Ethiopian Prime Minister's decision to adopt a child.

Amanda Yoshioka-Maxwell & Eric Rice - AIDS and Behavior4 Feb 2019

In the current study, data were collected from 184 youth at drop-in centers in Los Angeles using behavioral health questionnaires to explore the relationships between specific aspects of foster care experiences and engagement in HIV-risk behaviors.