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Paper Orphans

Foreign Correspondent - ABC

This episode of Foreign Correspondent from ABC News in Australia exposes the "ugly truth" that donations and volunteer efforts of Westerners, including Australians, often drive an exploitative orphanage industry in developing countries (in this case, Nepal).

The difficult journey home

Sally Sara - Foreign Correspondent, ABC News

This article accompanies an episode of Foreign Correspondent from ABC News Australia entitled 'Paper Orphans.' It tells the story of Devi, a 10-year-old girl in Nepal "forced to pose as an orphan" who is being reunited with her family.

Orphanage Tourism Endangers Children

Peter Singer and Leigh Mathews - Project Syndicate

"Orphanage tourism turns children into cash-generating commodities subject to the usual economic laws of supply and demand," say Peter Singer and Leigh Mathews in this commentary piece for Project Syndicate. 

Why J.K. Rowling Is Right To Discourage Orphanage Voluntourism

Christine Ro - Forbes

In this article for Forbes, Christine Ro describes how "orphanages are the main cause of the unnecessary separation of children from their families" and discusses the recent launch of Lumos' #HelpingNotHelping campaign which calls for an end to orphanage volunteering.