Collected viewpoints on international volunteering in residential care centres Country focus: Nepal

Better Volunteering, Better Care Initiative

This overview is intended to contribute to discussions on international volunteering in residential care centres as an anecdotal research piece on the situation in Nepal. Nepal was chosen as a focus country due to recommendations from a range of informants who raised concerns about severe negative impacts of international volunteering in centres in Nepal. Availability of research and connections also contributed to the choice of Nepal as a country focus. This overview was informed by online resources, academic and institutional literature, and interviews with informants. The authors would like to acknowledge the upcoming report from Next Generation Nepal, The Paradox of Orphanage Volunteering, a study undertaken by specialists resident in Nepal, spanning a much longer period of research, and a greater variety of resources than this case study. Readers interested in this issue in the Nepali context, are advised to refer to Next Generation Nepal’s report for further details and clarification.