Bethany Christian Services: Ghana

Key Areas of Focus: Family Preservation and Strengthening, Foster Care

BackgroundBethany Christian Services is a Christian faith-based organization that works to bring and keep families together through services in many countries. These services include foster care, family support, and adoption. These services have been designed to allow children to stay in their home country, with a local family whenever possible.

What They Do: Bethany Ghana's goal is to equip local families to provide loving homes, so children can thrive. Their programs include:

  • Family Preservation and Empowerment: Access to life’s essentials makes a big difference for struggling families. Bethany helps families gain access to nutritious food, health care, and assistance with school fees. They equip families with vocational skills to become stronger and self-sufficient.
  • Foster Care: When a child isn’t able to remain with their family, Bethany helps open the door to a safe, stable home. They partner with local churches, communities, and governments to identify, train, supervise, and support foster families to be the answer for children in need.

Where They Work: Ghana

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