Key Areas of Focus: Family Reintegration, Deinstitutionalization, Sustainable Volunteering, Family Strengthening, Household Economic Strengthening

Background: BRAVEAURORA is a non-profit, independent association. Since 2009 they have been supporting children at risk and their families in Ghana and sustainable village development.

What They Do: The BRAVEAURORA team works on following projects:

  • Reintegration: BRAVEAURORA is convinced that it is the best for children to grow up in their family structure and not in an institution. BRAVEAURORA is therefore committed to reintegrate orphans in their families, to abolish illegal orphanages and to sustainable volunteer missions. 
  • Poverty Reduction: To counteract poverty, BRAVEAURORA, in line with its principle of helping people to help themselves, supports a wide range of training courses and grants microcredits for innovative business ideas in rural areas. In addition, BRAVEAURORA works with the local population on training and implementation measures in the field of organic farming, waste management, reforestation or water.
  • Education: Since the beginning BRAVEAURORA is committed to comprehensive education projects in the local area. For BRAVEAURORA it is important not to create dependencies, but to use and integrate local resources (such as teachers) and to create incentive systems to consolidate and professionalise local structures. 

Where They Work: Ghana

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