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Maya Alleruzzo - AP15 Oct 2018

This photo essay from the Associated Press draws attention to the children living in Iraq's orphanages.

Jane Arraf - NPR25 Nov 2017

In this article and accompanying radio piece, NPR sheds light on the issues facing children who have lost one or both parents as a result of an ISIS attack in Mosul, Iraq.

Yekaterina Chulkovskaya - Al-Monitor5 Sep 2017

Russian children have been found in orphanages throughout Iraq after their parents moved to the country to join radicals of the Islamic State (IS).

Save the Children1 Feb 2017

Save the Children is looking for a Child Protection Manager to work in its Kirkuk, Iraq office. 

Save the Children19 Oct 2016

According to this press release from Save the Children, thousands of families are fleeing to dirty overcrowded refugee camps in Syria.  

Allison Pond - Desert News NewsOK26 Sep 2016

In this article from NEWSok, Zaidoon Khalaf shares his experiences while attempting to reunify with his family Germany.

Women’s Link Worldwide 21 Jun 2016

This report by Women’s Link Worldwide tells the stories of twelve women who fled the bombings and violence in Syria only to end up trapped in Piraeus, Greece, deprived of their most basic rights.

UNICEF14 Jun 2016

This report from UNICEF highlights the many dangers, risks, and challenges faced by unaccompanied refugee and migrant children travelling to Europe on their own to escape conflict, poverty, or other forms of oppression.

Save the Children Sweden1 Dec 2015

Through the voices of children, parents and staff working in the region, this report by Save the Children presents a glimpse into the struggles faced by refugee and displaced children and families from Syria. The report is primarily based on children’s stories as told to Save the Children in urban areas in Lebanon and in camps and urban areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Drawings and other playful sessions were used with the children to help them tell stories of their everyday lives without the negative impact a deep interview might have.

UNICEF Centre de presse28 Oct 2015

Forcée de quitter son foyer et séparée de ses parents, dans un camp au nord de l’Iraq, une jeune fille trouve un endroit sûr pour apprendre, jouer et se faire des amis.