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Olivia Lang & Kevin McGregor - 100 Women: BBC News11 Oct 2017

This BBC 100 Women video features Indira Ranamagar, who ensures Nepali children whose mothers are incarcerated receive safe homes, care and education. 

Kate van Doore - Griffith University Law School, Forget Me Not5 Jul 2017

In this video, Kate van Doore describes the process of 'paper orphaning,' a term coined to characterize how children are recruited and trafficked into orphanages to gain profits through international funding and orphanage tourism. 

Tess Novotny - The Register-Guard17 Jun 2017

Many children living in Nepalese orphanages are not truly "orphans," but were rather trafficked into orphanages after their families were falsely promised their children would be brought to boarding schools to receive an education. Next Generation Nepal aims to reunite trafficked children with their families. 

Elisabeth Ballús, Carles Pérez-Téstor22 Oct 2016

This study attempts to understand the feelings and bonds of the often complex life situations of being an internationally adopted child.

Von Eva Wieners - Zeit Online15 Sep 2016

Wer Waisenkindern in Nepal hilft, kann nichts falsch machen? Stimmt nicht. Viele Spender unterstützen ungewollt die Ausbeuter der Kinder.

Next Generation Nepal5 Sep 2016

In this talk, Emily Delap from Family for Every Child puts the use of orphanages in Nepal into a global context and explores the international evidence on the harm caused by allowing children to grow up away from families, and on the problems of orphanage voluntourism.

5 Sep 2016

Next Generation Nepal Country Director Martin Punaks talks about orphanage trafficking in Nepal, why orphanage volunteers may inadvertently be part of the problem and how you can be part of the solution through ethical volunteering and other ways of "giving back."

Eva Weiners - Medium30 Aug 2016

A blog article discussing how  Nepali families are routinely tricked into sending their children to badly run orphanages.

Next Generation Nepal14 Aug 2016

Next Generation Nepal is hiring for the position of in-country Country Director in Nepal. This is NGN’s most senior representative and administrator in Nepal. The post of Country Director is a diverse, exciting and challenging role for a highly skilled and dedicated candidate who can lead NGN in its current phase, as well as into a new phase of its development.


In this special feature from ABCNews on orphanage volunteerism in Nepal, ABC News claims that Kathmandu is a major hub for voluntourists who are attracted to Nepal’s many orphanages and children’s homes.  However, as the story points out, only 85% of children who live in Nepal’s orphanages are actually orphans.  These children are housed in horrible conditions and are often abused.