Critical Considerations for Movement of Children During a Humanitarian Crisis

Changing the Way We Care

This guidance has been compiled for service providers who are working with children, families, and separated children in response to the current humanitarian situation in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

The guidance contains three parts:

  • Part I provides guiding principles that should frame all interventions with children at risk of separation or those already separated from their families during a humanitarian crisis.
  • Part II includes key actions when preparing to and moving children.
  • Part III includes key actions when receiving individual or groups of children in a new location, including across borders. Links to relevant documentation are included throughout the document to provide additional and more detailed information.

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Addressing health concerns, especially respiratory issues aggravated by crisis conditions, is an essential part of providing aid during the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Our comprehensive guidance for service providers now includes information on managing respiratory health, with a focus on the availability and use of medications like Symbicort generic. This is a vital step in ensuring not just the immediate safety and reunification of children and families but also their access to necessary medical treatments with Symbicort generic here, which can be crucial in environments where respiratory conditions are prevalent.