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Youngsoon Chung & Hyekyung Choo - Children and Youth Services Review9 Mar 2019

This study aimed to identify the interrelationships of risk and protective factors, job satisfaction and burnout to child protection workers' intent to leave, the relative impact between job satisfaction and burnout on intent to leave, and their mediating roles for the risk and protective factors.

Chiachih DC Wang, Bert Hayslip, Jr, Qiwu Sun, Wenzhen Zhu - The International Journal of Aging and Human Development28 Jan 2019

This study compared American and Chinese caregiving grandparents regarding variables reflecting challenges and resources in dealing with the demands of raising a grandchild.

Kim Tong-Hyung - Associated Press23 Jan 2019

Adam Crapser, a man born in South Korea who was brought to the US by an adoptive family when he was three years old, is suing the government of South Korea and a private adoption agency called Holt Children’s Services, "over what Crapser calls gross negligence regarding the way he and thousands of other Korean children were sent to the United States and other Western nations without accounting for their future citizenship," according to this article from the Associated Press.

Hu Yan, Jindong Chen and Jing Huang - Frontiers in Psychiatry21 Jan 2019

This study aimed to explore school bullying in LBC and examine the effectiveness of art therapy intervention for reducing bullying victimization affecting LBC in rural areas of China.

Xingxing Chen, Chenchen Zeng, Chun Gong, Lei Zhang, Yuhui Wan, Fangbiao Tao, Ying Sun - Psychoneuroendocrinology21 Jan 2019

The objective of this study was to test the associations between parent-child separation with telomere length (TL) and psychopathology during adolescence.

Peiying Zuo , Yinan Wang , Jia Liu, Siyuan Hu, Guoxiang Zhao, Lijie Huang, Danhua Lin - PLoS One14 Jan 2019

This study used magnetic resonance imaging to compare adolescent AIDS orphans reared in institutions with a sex- and age-matched group of healthy adolescents reared in families in China using a voxel-based morphometry analysis.

Robyn Dixon - Los Angeles Times11 Jan 2019

"About 69 million rural children [in China] are left behind while one or both parents work far away, according to UNICEF," says this article from the Los Angeles Times. The article discusses the ways in which these "left-behind children" in rural areas of China lack access to education and lag behind their urban peers in educational attainment.

Yan Ge, Li Song, Rockwell F. Clancy, Yulin Qin - New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development7 Jan 2019

Outlining developments with reference to relevant studies, this review characterizes the perspectives used to explore and understand the phenomenon of children being left behind in rural China by parents going to work in cities.

Yufeng Ouyang, Jiaojiao Zou, Meimei Ji, Yefu Zhang, Tong Yuan, Lina Yang, and Qian Lin - International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health4 Jan 2019

This study evaluated the health service needs of left-behind children ages 3-5 years old in Hunan Province, China.

Wei Wu, Guangbo Qu, Lingling Wang, Xue Tang, Ye‐Huan Sun - Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health2 Jan 2019

The aims of this study were to systematically evaluate and comparatively analyse the mental health status of left‐behind children (LBC) in China and to provide a scientific basis for mental intervention and healthy education for LBC.