Tracking Progress Initiative Tool

Inter-Agency Tracking Progress Initiative Steering Group

The Tracking Progress Tool is a free, web-based, interactive diagnostic and learning tool designed to enable national actors (governments, children’s service providers, NGOs, civil society, academics and others) to determine the extent to which their country has effectively implemented the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children and to identify the priorities for change still ahead. The Tool was developed by an inter-agency group, co-facilitated by Better Care Network and Save the Children, in consultation with a range of actors working on care reforms at national, regional, and global levels.

The Tool is designed to help users gather information on children’s care in their country around four overarching themes:

  1. Addressing factors that may lead to the need for alternative care
  2. Discouraging the use of alternative care unless necessary
  3. Ensuring formal alternative care settings meet minimum standards
  4. Ensuring that formal alternative care settings meet the best interests of the individual child.

Through the Tool, users can enter, review, and analyse data on the care of children in their country and generate reports on that data. Both the tool and the country data can be accessed and updated regularly to enable continual measurement of progress. The Tool also includes a task management feature which allows working groups of national actors to collaborate on gathering missing data and implementating the Guidelines in their country.

The Steering Group for the initiative was composed of Better Care NetworkFamily for Every ChildHope and Homes for ChildrenInternational Social Service (ISS)RELAFSave the ChildrenSOS Children’s Villages InternationalUNICEF and Eurochild. The Centre for Excellence for Looked after Children in Scotland (CELCIS) was commissioned to develop and write the tool.