Challenges of child protection: Responding to child neglect

Brigid Daniel - Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal

Abstract: Neglect not only poses a number of challenges for practitioners and practice agencies; it also poses challenges to practitioners and practice agencies. This paper provides an overview of neglect as a phenomenon and explores some of these challenges for and to practice. As is well known, there are major structural issues associated with the high levels of neglect in wealthy nations with similar political and financial structures and approaches to social welfare (Brandon 2015). So, challenges described here can be directed back to politicians and policy makers because the most effective response to the levels of neglect in our societies would be to effect significant structural change. Nonetheless, practice agencies and practitioners have scope to respond to these challenges in a constructive way, rather than to succumb to an accepting paralysis. This paper will, therefore, focus on exploring ways in which practice agencies and practitioners can respond to the identified challenges.